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Wamego Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire damaged this home's pool room and caused it to fall into the actual pool, we came in to clean up the aftermath. We drained out the pool and removed all of the debris. 


Water Cleanup after Dishwasher Leak in Manhattan, KS

This dishwasher in this home began to leak after being turned on late at night.

The water affected the main level and areas in the basement, causing a major headache for the homeowner. The homeowner  extracted as much as they could, but needed help.

Restore took care of moisture readings, set up equipment and demoed the kitchen laminate. Upon Farm Bureau approval, we will get this home back to its original condition!

Garage Restored after Fire Damage in Manhattan, KS

This homeowner had a fire start in their garage.

We aired out the home, and set up Ozone machine to dilute potent odors.

We also removed affected drywall, cleaned floors and sealed studs. Now the homeowner can begin the process of rebuilding now that we've thoroughly cleaned everything out.


Water Damage from Undetected Leak in Manhattan, KS

This homeowner was unaware that their hot water heater was leaking until it created lots of water damage. 

The leak caused damage to vinyl, underlayment, drywall and carpet.

Restore removed affected areas so the clean up process could be completed properly.


Slow Hot Water Leak Causes Water Damage in Manhattan, KS

Home owner had a slow undetected hot water leak. It affected vinyl, underlayment, and sheetrock.

Restore cleaned up homeowners demo work, removed affected drywall, treated to prevent mold growth and set up air scrubbers.

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