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Rapid response & great service!
Kristopher S. of Manhattan, KS
They are local!
John N. of Manhattan, KS
Friday, January 25th
Dear Team, First, I wanted to share with my entire team how proud I am of how everyone worked together when we faced half of our academy soaked with muddy flood water.  We were able to quickly respond and get the water taken care of so our students could continue their education and our business could remain open to serve our clients.  Shutting down our business is costly and although we did lose some business, we were able to quickly get back on our feet to continue our operation.  I was greatly appreciate of our students as well and their willingness to accept the situation and assist us as we worked quickly to handle the problem.   This issue is not a new one as everyone is aware of so I thought it important to share today we made some great progress with our property manager to find a short term solution and long term solution to ensure we do not spend time in the future soaking up water inside our building but instead spend our time educating our students and providing quality services to our loyal clients.     I want to thank several people I have included in this email.  First, I called Donnie Woodward of Construction Etc. and asked who I should call that would best handle our water situation.  He referred me to Restore of the Heartland.  I called them immediately and they worked quickly to create a ticket for us and within an hour I received a phone call that they would be out to asses our situation and help us resolve the problem.  I then spoke with our property manager Fred Spille who has taken a great interest in the Westloop Property and the ongoing maintenance needed to ensure the businesses in Westloop have a quality center to conduct business in.  Fred immediately authorized the funds to hire Restore and get them working quickly on the cleanup so we could repair the damage and cleanup the mess.      Immediately following the call I reached out to Trent Armbrust, Economic Development for our Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and Trent confirmed this was a great organization to work with and he advised me on the issue we have been battling.  I greatly appreciate our relationship with our Manhattan chamber and it only re-enforced what I already know about our local chamber being invested in the businesses in Manhattan that provide jobs and opportunities for our community.  Thank you Trent!   Restore of the Heartland not only responded quickly, they went above and beyond in their approach to our problem.  I personally met with James Bond, Project Manager of Restore and he personally walked through our entire facility and went over the response their team would provide to our issue to ensure we avoided Mold issues and clean air problems as well as looking at preventative solutions to the water entering our building.  James went as far to spend time today meeting with our property management sharing his ideas on how to prevent this from happening in the future.  When you think about it...James spent time today making sure we didn't employ him in the future and that stood out to me today as we spoke with the property manager fromBrixmor  Mr. Fred Spille. Fred was very focused on our problem and he spent time today working with Mr. Bond (I love that we have James Bond on the job!) and together they went over the short term solution to prevent further damage and Fred asked James to put together a long term solution that would ensure we could keep water out of our building.  Thank you Fred for taking the time to drive up today and personally look at this issue.  We appreciate our relationship with Brixmor and we are thankful you will be overseeing this situation.     James offered to have someone personally come over today and work quickly to avoid further water issues with the weather we are currently facing.  I want to thank James for the very reasonable expense he shared with Fred today for this immediate action and his help on the long term solution.  Although we may still have some water come in tomorrow when we arrive we have the right team on the job to help get it cleaned up and with the focus on the long term solution we will get this problem fixed.    Last but not least I received a phone call tonight from Ed Klimek the leader of our Westloop Association and a leader in our neighboring business, Kansas State Bank. Ed was following up on the water issue and asking if he could assist in anyway.  I appreciated the phone call and the respect of our westloop neighbor as we work on this problem.  Thank you Ed.   Here is an overview on what we are immediately doing to prevent water entering our building until the long term solution is put in place.  The drainage system behind the school today was cleared out by the Restore crew and they provided sand bags to help prevent the water from coming in the bottom side of the doors.  They also worked on cleaning out the gutter system so we could have the best chance of getting water off the roof and into the drainage system.     The gutter system is too small for this size of building so this will be the opportunity for fixing the problem long term.  There is also an issue with the slope of the concrete behind the building as the slope is very gradual and in some places rises up which is part of the water flow problem.  The long term solution may include a larger gutter system that will handle the water flow off this large section of the center.  Based on the videos that we have taken water is running off of the building and overflowing the gutter system and also rushing over the top of the gutter in heavier rains and overflowing the concrete area next to the concrete drainage ditch.  James will be working with Fred to address this issue and this will be part of the long term solution.    I just wanted to make sure I took the time tonight to share with everyone on this email how appreciative I am for every one's assistance and input.  I know my team feels responsible for all of our students and it's nice to know we have others outside our organizing respecting our business and this situation.     I will keep this team updated an again, a huge thank you for pitching in to help minimize the damage we experienced on Sunday/Monday.     David    
David of Manhattan, KS
These folks will be there 24 hours of the day. They are professional and personal with you. They make it right for you
Necrecha K. of Manhattan, KS
Monday, December 3rd
During the great November blizzard of 2018 wind driven snow found its way through roof vents into the attic of our Manhattan, KS rental property. The tenants noticed a problem when the seams of the drywall were visible on the ceiling. ROTH was called on the recommendation of a friend. Doniella was wonderful, she had a crew out within hours to remove the snow and start the drying process. Since the property is a rental there was a lot of coordination spanning several timezones between owner, property manager, tenant and insurance. Doniella coordinated flawlessly! The drying is done and ROTH will be doing the restoration. ROTH is not currently on my insurers list of preferred vendors HOWEVER my insurer was so impressed with their work to date they encouraged the use of their restoration services.We are heading into the restoration phase and I have every confidence in ROTH to complete the job.ROTH's knowledge, experience, and professionalism definitely stand out. I feel like they treated my property as if it were their own.
TJ F. of Manhattan, KS
Saturday, December 1st
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