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Fire, Water & Wind Damage Restoration in Junction City, KS

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Local Disaster Damage Remediation Company in Junction City, KS

For over 25 years Restore of the Heartland has been providing customers with services in fire, water, and mold restoration. We specialize in helping in emergency cases for those moments you weren't expecting. We strive to give our customers the excellent prompt service they rely on when disaster strikes. We are proud to be a member of the Dr. Energy Saver, providing us with the best equipment to restore your home after an accident happens. Get in contact with us today for your FREE estimate

Water Damage in Your Home

If you live in the Junction Cityor nearby, we are here to help with your water damages. We are happy to provide you with 24-Hour Emergency Service to get you back on your feet sooner. Some of our water services include:

Fire Damage Restoration Services

There are many ways we can go after your fire damage, dependent on a number of factors. Each of our fire restoration includes a written quote, a professional inspection, and on-site appointment where we can address any of your concerns. We make sure to go after the four elements of fire damage to leave you in the safest healthiest position possible: fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, and mold/rot damage.

Mold Removal

If not done properly, mold can be difficult to remove from your home's surfaces. Without a certified professional, the mold may not be completely removed and just grow back in a few months time. We specialize in removing mold from your bathrooms, basements, and attics, as well as in black mold removal.

Give us a call today and receive your FREE estimate for your fire, water, and mold restoration

Local Flooding

Sudden heavy rainfalls can hit an area hard, sometimes leading to unexpected flooding throughout an entire neighborhood.

Widespread flooding can bring with it severe water damage to home and property. Additionally, these floodwaters can often contain bacteria from sewage or other unhealthy chemicals. Cleanup should be conducted right away.

Plumbing Failure

Plumbing failures can be caused by frozen pipes, as well as failing washing machine hoses, leaking water heaters, corroded/rusted pipes, and many other problems.

Plumbing leaks can lead to damage high in the home, damage wall cracks, and flood behind drywall. In the case of sewer line failure, they can also create a potentially unhealthy condition in the home.

Groundwater Leaks

Even during normal rainfall conditions, where flooding is not a threat, groundwater can find its way into a basement or crawl space.

When this happens, a homeowner can find themselves plagued by routine flooding conditions on their below-grade space. Finished basements can be ruined, crawl spaces can rot, and mold spores and odors can permeate the home.

Long-Term Humidity/Moisture

Small water intrusions and minor plumbing leaks can be easy to overlook or ignore, and over time they can lead to major problems with mold and rot. Wall cavities, cupboards, closets, and attics are especially susceptible to damage from mold, rot, and water damage.

Additionally, vented crawl spaces and basements can allow humidity in, leading to moisture problems, mold, and rot.

Work Requests From Junction City, KS
Vicinity of Rucker Drive in Junction City
The home has a weird odor that I have not been able to get rid of, it smells like mildew.
Vicinity of in Junction City
I need to see if I can have someone come out and verify that I have mold in one of my rooms so I can take it to my landlord. And have them fix it.
Vicinity of N. Adams St. in Junction City
We're noticing that the house seems really stuffy every time our air system comes on. The heating system struggles when it comes on quite a bit as well.
Vicinity of Parkview Dr. in Junction City
I discovered mold on and behind the trim, on the drywall.
Vicinity of Commonwealth Dr in Junction City
Sewer backup coming in the drains of both tubs & toilet over flowing constantly.
Vicinity of Maple in Junction City
City sewer backup water standing in basement currently.
Vicinity of Caroline Avenue in Junction City
Water damage from kitchen sink drain (level 2) damage to drywall, carpet/pad, insulation, siding; mold present.
Vicinity of Cypress in Junction City
Flooded basement possible mold developing
Vicinity of Kramer Court in Junction City
Carpet cleaning
Vicinity of in Junction City
Kid stains, spills house is 1300 sq ft with tilw in kitchen and bathrooms the rest is carpet needing to be cleaned
Vicinity of in Junction City
Will be moving out of my current apartment and I am required to have the carpet cleaned.
Vicinity of Pearl Drice in Junction City
I did an at home test kit for mold and it grew some within 2 days. There is visible mold in the bathroom and basement. The best way to contact me is email I cant talk at work on the phone. THank you
Vicinity of in Junction City
I am buying a home that has mold in the basement, I am looking for someone to remove all mold and get the home ready for my renovations.
Vicinity of Killdeer Rd in Junction City
Hello. We have had a lot of rain in the past few weeks. We have had a slight issue with water draining into the crawl space before but we have never had this much standing water. How much would it cost to get the water drained from the crawl space in both sides of our duplex? Also what other services can you offer to help prevent this in the future? Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back from you soon.
Vicinity of Caroline Ave, in Junction City
Need Carpets cleaned due to moving
Vicinity of in Junction City
Carpet needs cleaned for vacating property.