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Humboldt in Manhattan
Concerned about mold in the basement
Church Ave in Manhattan
Roof leak cam through the ceiling causing minor damage and mold
Westwind Dr in Manhattan
Just purchased a home built in the 1970's. Previous owners had mold/mildew inspection done 5 years ago. I would like to have a current inspection done of the home.
Bluehills Rd in Manhattan
We had a sewer line back up in our basement storage room yesterday. I had a plumber unclog the drain and I have vacuumed up the water and debris but I know the drywall has soaked up water and is already buckling. There are also wood studs that were sitting in water. My concern is mold potential.
Bertrand St. in Manhattan
We had water damage a great many years ago. There are some places with significant mold. I want to know how much I can do myself and what needs to be done professionally.
Plymouth in Manhattan
Need estimates on 2 upstairs bedrooms (20x20 and 20x12) and the stairs (~15 steps) as well as a downstairs living area
Colgate Terrace in Manhattan
Basement flooding. Water continues to rise despite that the rain the has stopped.
Strong Ave in Manhattan
Water seeps in where floor and wall meet on the East side of house.
Griffith in Manhattan
Water is leaking into basement from the east side of house. Checked gutters and they are clear of debris. Need to identify the problem and inspect for mold. We have lived in home 3 yrs now and every year we have had water in the basement.
Brookes Way in Manhattan
We had a washer overflow in our main floor laundry room, which has laminate flooring. The water also flowed out into our entry way, bedroom carpet and living room carpet a bit and then into a storage room downstairs in our basement. We are wanting to assess the moisture levels under the laminate flooring and other areas. Thank you!
Shrley LN in Manhattan
Mold in the basement bath rooms
Fossilridge Dr in Manhattan
Musty/mold smell in basement
Yuma St in Manhattan
We have standing water in our crawl space due to a burst pipe. It has been there at least one month and has a very strong odor.
Brookway Dr in Manhattan
Black mold coming out of AC duct work at registers.
Mimosa Lane in Manhattan
Water damage to eastside basement wall after storms last Monday night.
Tiana Terrace in Manhattan
Sink drain leaked in the wall. Tenants swear they can smell mold..
Bald Eagle Circle in Manhattan
May 4th, sump pump over powered by the record amount of rain in Manhattan...basement flooded...carpet still wet. Need to have the carpets professionally dried to reduce risk of mold.
Tonya Terr in Manhattan
Mold in safe room. Must have a leak very damp. I am very allergic to mold and need it taken care of.
Tiana Ter in Manhattan
We think our landlords have tried to conceal a mold problem. We have noticed that there is an active leak coming from our fireplace, which is directly underneath our kitchen sink, located in the basement. We have no idea how long this leak has been active, but when my husband broke out a flashlight and looked around the area, he said that the fireplace is rusting out...so this leak has probably been going on for a good long while, even before we moved in June 2014. There is also a discoloration on the ceiling, but our landlords said it was from a past leak and that it had all been taken care of long before we had moved in. Other Info: We have a 7 month old in the house, and they knew I was pregnant when we moved in. We'd like to get an inspector out ASAP!
Pecanwood Drive in Manhattan
Drafty windows.
N MANHATTAN AVE in Manhattan
Lease end. The apartment need to be clean.
Alta Dr in Manhattan
We have a smell in our daughters bedroom that we can't identify the source. We are afraid there may be mold somewhere we can't see.
Colorado in Manhattan
Yesterday evening my wife and I noticed mold spores in our bedroom closet. Upon closer inspection we realized it was an extreme issue. It covers the entire lower section of the closet walls and had spread into several boxes stored in the closet, ruining the items inside. We continued our search and found it behind our bed, dresser, chest; it is on almost every wall in the bedroom. We are concerned our health has been compromised due to the mold.
Westwind Drive in Manhattan
When we moved into our house, we found out that a water valve pipe in the basement had not been tightened and had leaked. The drywall had bubbled. We stopped the leak and put fans on to dry it out. There is no visible evidence of mold or water damage now, but I am worried that mold is growing on the back of the drywall where we can't see it.
Denison Ave in Manhattan
This is in a fraternity house in a bed room. The mold is on the floor and covers a 2 by 4 foot area.
Rocky Ford Ave in Manhattan
Septic tank backed up into basement and mold has started appearing on dry walls along with carpets getting wet.
in Manhattan
My basement apartment bedroom has flooded with severe damage to the carpet padding
Tuttle Creek Blvd. in Manhattan
I would like information about your procedure, price, and availability to handle black mold in a mobile home bathroom.
Ridge Drive in Manhattan
Soot on walls and ceilings in kitchen and living room after several years of enjoying wood-burning fireplaces. Might be too small of a job for Heartland to mess with, but it's a BIG job for me!
Stone Drive in Manhattan
House was flooded last night. Would like to know if there was any "internal" damage.
Tuttle Creek Blvd in Manhattan
I have quite a bit of mold behind my toilet and 2-3 quarter sized spots elsewhere that I can't get rid of.
Garden Way RD in Manhattan
Need a standard carpet cleaning to honor my lease agreement for a 2 bdrm apt. Both rooms ~11x11' and living room ~16X13'. I would like an estimate please!
Anderson in Manhattan
Carpet cleaning service
Anderson Avenue in Manhattan
There are a couple stains that need to be taken care of before i move out of my apartment
Pierre St in Manhattan
Have some wallpaper peeling off the walls underneath and around some windows in a bedroom. Behind the wallpaper, black mold looking stuff. Can you take a look at it and tell me what needs to happen to fix?
Hartman Place in Manhattan
I'm leaving in two weeks and I'd like an estimate of how much it would cost to get my carpet cleaned.
College Ave in Manhattan
Needing carpet cleaned, because we are moving out. we have a living room, dining room, small hallway and 2 bedrooms that need to be cleaned.
College Heights Rd in Manhattan
I have a two bedroom apartment that needs to have its carpet cleaned
Hartman Place in Manhattan
We need a carpet cleaning for moving out
Edgerton in Manhattan
Moved into new apt, carpet is gross
Thurston in Manhattan
3 rooms just need surface stains cleaned for moving out
Stonemont Drive in Manhattan
Looking for estimate for upholstery cleaning for love seat, larger three cushion couch and recliner.
College Ave in Manhattan
Have pets, need carpet cleaning prior to apartment move out
Waterford Pl in Manhattan
Main living area carpet needs clean. It's a cream colored carpet and has some staining from over the winter