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Water Damage Case Studies: Water Damage Restoration After Flooding in Manhattan KS

Friday, May 27th, 2016 by Jenna Masotta


We received a call from the Bellus Academy because they experienced major flooding after heavy rains in the area. This academy hosts both clients and students, so we knew that the longer we waited before coming out to help fix the problem, the more our local businesses would loose revenue. As a local business ourselves, we couldn't let that happen. This particular building experienced flooding that caused muddy water to invade half of the entire academy, causing it to shut down temporarily. Water entered the building through the doors and there was even water on the roof that had no way of draining off. We knew we needed to act fast.


We were referred to this job by Construction Ect. and we worked quickly to create a ticket and come out within just hours of our first phone call from the academy. Our Project Manager, James, was able to meet with the academy director to immediately to assess the situation. They walked together through the entire facility to come up with both short term, and long term solutions. The water clean-up was what was addressed first, but you can't ignore air quality and mold problems that could arise as a result of water entering a facility such as this. James made time to meet with the property management team to educate them on how to prevent those problems from arising in the future.

In addition to the water clean up and mold prevention, we had to remove the faulty drainage system behind the building and place sand bags near the doors to prevent water from coming in again. We then cleaned out the gutter system to make sure water was able to escape from the roof and drain properly. 

Because of the coordination between our production crews, the property managers, and the academy staff and students, we were able to help get this important place in the community back up and running quickly. James and his team are continuing to work with this group on a longer term solution that will prevent them from having to employ us again!

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